Sunday, April 22, 2018

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2700HP SCITEX XP 2700 Digital Printer

is a large format printer (UV block), with a width of 3.2 meters that offer exceptional quality and increased productivity on the same platform versatility advantage of the possibility of printing on a wide range of flexible and rigid materials. With a top speed of 110 square meters per hour, block UV in 4 or 8 colors, resolution 800 x 635 dpi true,


9000HP 9000 S Digital Printer

is an extremely versatile printer that uses low solvent inks, with awidth of 1.6 meters and offers exceptional quality on flexible materials.


1500HP SCITEX XL 1500 Digital Printer

is a large format printer that uses real ink solvent, with a width of 3.4 m offers a high quality and increased productivity on flexible materials. Speed of 118 square meters per hour, printed in four colors, 370x370 dpi resolution for real, helps us to achieve short time to work large.


forstormFORSSTROM TX 400

is a compact car, powerful and versatile, providing a suitable adhesive for high frequency consumption for the most demanding applications and beyond the many existing soldering equipment market at the moment. This product ranks first in its class on both performance and price.



Engraving machine is equipped with a CO2 laser to offer an unbeatable combination of high power (up to 60 watts), and advanced software that provides consistently excellent cutting and engraving able to satisfy the highest demands. This system is ideal for jobs that need: high-speed cutting, deep engraving and permanent marking.

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Roll-up 1




Template: simplex
Material: Body - Aluminum, side - chrome steel bar three fold - steel
Weight: 1.85 kg / pc
Packing: 12 pcs box, box size 43x28x83 cm, weight 22 kg box
Size structure mounted: 81x 205 cm
Print Size: 790x 2000 mm (after mounting optical 790x 1960 mm roll)
Complete package contains:
- Body roll-up
- 3 folding bar
- Upper clamping bar + stem
Carrying bag + + + + + + fabric

* Price does not include VAT and transport for large quantities are negotiable
* UV print run on frontlit (13 oz banner simple girl - 440gr/mp) ask for materials supply